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About Marc Périn, Co-Founder & Legal Advisor  

Marc Périn holds a master’s degree (cum laude) in law (University of Antwerp) and started his career as Legal Counsel prior to becoming Contracts Manager at IT-giant EDS (Electronic Data Systems) (acquired and subsequently owned by GM, HP, DXC).


After he founded his boutique consultancy firm offering board room advice, he gradually positioned himself as the trusted counselor for C-level executives and board rooms. His legal background and business driven mindset, combined with his strategic eye for the bigger picture, led him to become a successful legal counsel, general counsel, as well as director- and chairman for several companies.  


Marc became acquainted with aviation early on in his career, via roles as external legal counsel for DHL-Group subsidiaries in Brussels and for Brussels South Charleroi Airport. He learned about the ins and outs of aviation fuelling in 2004 as Legal Advisor/Counsel for the Belgian Fuelling & Services Company nv (former fuelling subsidiary of Belgian flag carrier Sabena nv), Hydrant Refuelling System nv, (BRU airport fuel storage company) and later on also for Skytanking.  


Throughout this 17-year period, he specialized in legal, contractual and regulatory frameworks related to aviation fuelling. Today, he has extensive domain expertise in the field of into-plane and fuel facility O&M contracts, airport fuel concessions, as well as industry specific aviation third party liabilities and insurances. He has also been involved in supporting several business development activities in aviation fuelling in Europe, RSA, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia.


In parallel, his creative mind and network made him the frontrunner of many initiatives such as the launch of BeCommerce (the first Belgian e-commerce platform), (issuing quality & security labeling for e-commerce initiatives), amongst others.

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