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Amazing sunset at the airport. Refueling


Vliegtuig boven de wolken
Vliegtuig boven de wolken

Our Mission & Vision

OUR VISION: Accelerating the transition towards sustainable and future-proof aviation.


OUR MISSION: Being a truly independent partner offering future-proof aviation fuelling solutions:

  • Creating innovative concepts generating long-lasting business advantage for our customers.

  • Being a stable and ethical employer and business partner. 

  • Building a center of expertise around a dynamic and diverse team of domain experts and talented colleagues.

We uphold strong values and keep them at the heart of our company. 

  • We cultivate a dynamic and motivating company culture, driven by integrity and mutual respect. The wellbeing, inclusion and development of our colleagues is a key driver for the success of our company. 

  • We offer an inspiring work environment where passion go hand in hand with innovation. We turn challenges into opportunities.

Mission & Vision

Why we founded Uplift International

Uplift International Holding BV was founded on the belief that the aviation fuelling industry is at a tipping point. We need a more agile approach to cope with today’s challenges and to accelerate the industry’s transition towards sustainable aviation.

The aviation industry is currently facing a number of important challenges:


First and foremost, climate change has a great impact on recent policy developments and industry initiatives, which also affect the aviation fuelling business:


  • Government support for airlines is being linked to requirements to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Airports are taking more and more initiatives to reduce their emissions and enhance their sustainability.


Secondly, the COVID-19 is having a bigger impact on the global aviation sector, including aviation fuelling business, than any other previous crisis. 

In order to emerge stronger from this COVID-19 crisis and face the climate changes, we need to make the necessary transitions. We need to safeguard the future of our business by becoming a more sustainable and future-proof industry. Changing the way we organize supply, storage, distribution and into-plane of jet fuel and the migration towards sustainable jet fuel will be key in this transition. 


That’s where Uplift International steps in. We are reviewing the traditional aviation fuelling supply models in order to accelerate this transition. 

Sunset at the airport. Refueling of the

Our Story

Our Story
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