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Important terms from A-Z

We have compiled an industry glossary containing detailed explanations of terms pertaining to our services and business. 

AVGAS driven airplane - Avgas is the typ
Type of aviation fuel used aircraft equipped with small piston engines (ofen used in general aviation industry) (synonyms, variants: Aviation Gasoline)
Aviation Fuelling Services

Type of aviation fuel used aircraft equipped with small piston engines (ofen used in general aviation industry) (synonyms, variants: Aviation Gasoline)

Aviation Fuels

Type of aviation fuel used aircraft equipped with small piston engines (ofen used in general aviation industry) (synonyms, variants: Aviation Gasoline)

Aviation fuel
Basic Design

Type of aviation fuel used aircraft equipped with small piston engines (ofen used in general aviation industry) (synonyms, variants: Aviation Gasoline)


Type of aviation fuel used aircraft equipped with small piston engines (ofen used in general aviation industry) (synonyms, variants: Aviation Gasoline)

Safety gear kit standing in front of oil

The process of assuring that all systems and components of a fixed or mobile asset are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements 


The process of building systems or infrastructure based on an approved design

Construction Supervision

The process of ensuring that the project is built in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents

Design concept.jpg

A design build operate (DBO) contract is a project delivery model in which a single contractor is appointed to design and build a project and then to operate it for a period of time


The action of removing the fuel contained in aircraft fuel tanks, often executed for inspection, maintenance, or due to contamination (synonyms, variants: De-fuelling, Defueling, De-fueling)


The design process is a common series of steps that engineers use in creating technical systems

Design Concept

A design concept is the description of core idea's used as basis for designing a project, reflected into a set of documents with text, sketches and images

Detailed Design

Detailed Design (Detailed Engineering) as compared to FEED also execution drawings, detailed specs and modeling and often consists of procurement of materials as well.


A design finance build to operate DBFO contract, as compared to DBO, the contractor also finances the project

Safety gear kit standing in front of oil

1, The department concerned with the design, building, and use of aviation fuel facilities and/or equipment 2, the Design, Techncial Design of fuelling infstraurtre and/or equipment.


Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts are often used to undertake construction works on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects (e.g. fuel facilities and fuel hydrant systems). As compared to Construction-Only contracts also includes Detailed Design and procurement of material and components.


EPCM (EPC Management) is a services-only contract, under which the contractor performs managemnt of the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activity.

Fuel Dispenser.jpg

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a process that evaluates the equipment  or systems after the construction process by verifying that it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications

Feed Design

FEED (Front End Engineering Design) means Basic Engineering which is conducted after completion of a Conceptual Design or a Feasibility Study (often up to the level of detail to allow for an EPC contractor to take-over)


Flushing is a technique to remove sediment, water,  dirts, debris, that accumulates in hydrant pipes after construction or during operation

Fuel Cart

Aircraft fuel servicing carts are equipped with facilities to transfer fuel between a Fuel Hydrant System and an aircraft. As compared to an Fuel Dispenser, carts are not condisered as vehicle as the fuelling equipemnt is not mounted on a truck engine-chassis (synonyms, variants: Fuelling Cart, Fueling Cart)

Fuel Dispenser

Specialized machine/vehicle that is connected with the underground supply line on one side and the aircraft on the other (synonyms, variants: Dispenser, Fuelling Dispenser, Fueling Dispenser)

Fuel Facility

All infrastructure and systems used to store fuel, often consisting of: fuel storage tanks (tank park), truck or train offloading and refueller loading system, pipeline receiving sysyem, fuel hydrant departure system, fire fighting system, manouvring area and other secondary system). Recently built and larger facilities are often connected to a fuel hydrant system. The word Centralised Fuel Facility is used in case there is only one common fuel system that serves the airport. (synonyms, variants: Jet Fuel Storage, Aviation Fuel Storage  Airport fuel storage, Fuel Facility, Jet Fuel Facility, Aviation Fuel Facility, AirportFuel Facility, Fuel Farm, Aviation Fuel Farm, Airport Fuel Farm, Fuel Storage Facility, Jet Fuel Storage Facility, Aviation Fuel Storage Facility, Airport Fuel Storage Facility, Fuel Storage Infrastructure, Jet Fuel Storage Infrastructure, Aviation Fuel Storage Infrastructure, Fuel Infrastructure, Jet Fuel Infrastructure, Aviation Fuel Infrastructure, Tank Farm, Aviation Fuel Tank Farm, Tank Facility , Aviation Fuel Tank Facility, Fuelling Infrastructure , Fueling Infrastructure, Airport fuel infrastructure, Airport fuelling infrastructure, Airport fueling infrastructure, Fuelling Complex, Fueling Complex, Airport Fuelling Complex, Airport Fueling Complex, Fuelling Infrastructure Complex, Fueling Infrastructure Complex)

Fuel Hydrant System

Fuel hydrant systems consist of a network of underground piping that transports fuel from fuel storage tanks located in the Fuel Facility to the aircraft via the connection of hydrant pit valves, positioned in hydrant pit boxes with Hydrant Dispensers or Hydrant Carts (synonyms, variants: Fuel Hydrant System, Hydrant Refuelling System, Hydrant Refueling System, Underground Hydrant System, Underground Fuel Hydrant System, Underground Jet Fuel Hydrant System)

Fuel System

Refers to the infrastructure used to store fuel (see Fuel Facility) as well as to the Fuel Hydrant System (see Fuel Hydrant System) (synonyms, variants: Refuelling System, Refuelling System, Fuelling System, Fueling System, Aircraft Refuelling System, Aircraft Refueling System, Aviation Fuel System, Aviation Fuelling System, Aviation Fuelling Infrastructure, Aviation Fueling Infrastructure, Airport Fuel Infrastructure, Airport Fuelling Infrastructure, Airport Fueling Infrastructure)

Ground Handling.jpg
Ground Handling

In aviation, ground handling refers to the range of services provided to facilitate, including both customer service and ramp service activities. Into-plane fuelling is part of ramp services.

Hook-up Fee

Fixed fee charged by the into-plane service provider for each refuelling. This can be part  - but not always present - of the intoplane fee depending on the contract set-up.

Hydrant Valve

The primary point of connection with the Fuel Hydrant System by means of the Hydrant Pit Coupler mounted in the Fuel Dispenser (synonyms, variants: Fuel Hydrant Valve, Hydrant Pit Valve, Pit Valve)

Preparations before flight. Refueling of

The action of transferring fuel from a Refueller, Hydrant Dispenser or Hydrant Cart into an aircraft by an into-plane service company (synonyms, variants: Intoplane, Fuel into-plane, Fuel intoplane, ITP, Into-wing, intowing, in-to-wing, Fuel Into-wing, fuel intowing, fuel in-to-wing)

Intoplane Agreement

Contract between a service provider and a client - oil company or airlines - to provide into plane services  (synonyms, variants: into-plane agreement, intoplane service agreement,  into-plane service agreement)

Intoplane Fee

The fee paid by an airline for the into plane service - the action of providing the fuel into the aircraft tanks through a bowser or a hydrant dispenser  (synonyms, variants: into-plane fee, ITP fee)

Safety gear kit standing in front of oil
Jet Fuel

Type of aviation fuel designed for use in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines. The most commonly used fuels for commercial aviation are Jet A and Jet A-1 (synonyms, variants: Jet Fuel, TS-1, Conventional Jet Fuel, ATF , Aviation turbine fuel, avtur, Kerosene, Kerosine)


Joint Inspection Group (JIG) is a group of recognized industry players that set the standards for aviation fuel quality management and assist in the operational process and maintenance of aviation fuel

Refueling of the aircraft at the airport
M&O Management & Operations

Management and operations (M&O) is a term used to describe a contract with a service provider to manage and operate an asset, e.g. a Fuel System


O&M Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) means the functions, duties and labor associated with the daily operations and normal repairs, replacement of parts and structural components, and other activities needed to preserve an asset so that it continues to provide acceptable services and achieves its expected life. In aviation this is usually associated to a contract with a service provider.

Peer Review

Peer review is the evaluation of work (that was executed by the producers of that work) by persons with similar competences (peers)  (often used during design & engineering)

Refuel truck for airplane parked and wai

1. A person who refuels  an aircraft. 2. A truck with a tank designed to refuel an airplane (synonyms, variants: Refueler, Aircraft Refueller, Aircraft Refueler, Bowser, Fuel Bowser, Fuel Truck)


The action  of putting fuel into an aircraft (synonyms, variants: Fueling, Aviation Fuelling, Aviation Fueling, Aircraft Fuelling, Aircraft Fueling, Refueling, Aircraft refuelling, Aircraft refueling)

Scheme Design.jpg

After a FAT, a SAT  (Site Acceptance Testing) is executed on site to test the same functionality and performance in the reality of the site environment.

Scheme Design

A design that is more advanced than concept design, including layout drawings, calculations, allowing to demonstrate how the facility would operate

Throughput Fee

Fee paid by users of the (centralized) Fuel System, often published and same for all users

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