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Oil pipeline and Oil storage tank farm i


We offer new as well as existing aviation fuelling related services, but the way we work and organize our company sets us apart from others:

Our structure is built around a centre of expertise consisting of domain specialists and promising talents, managed by our senior leadership team. This dynamic approach ensures we deliver excellence in aviation fuelling towards clients and business partners.

Are you active in the aviation fuelling industry and do you want to become part of our company? We are actively looking for motivated experts as well as young talents to join our team. Check out the career opportunities. 


Our projects are backed by stable investors, selected on the basis of asset-right strategies. This implies that we link investors to our projects based on a specific risk-reward balance, geographical context and investment horizon to suit their investment profiles.


We collaborate with well selected partners, providing complementary experience which positively impacts the potential and the reach of our projects.

Refueling of the aircraft at the airport


Refuel truck for airplane parked and wai


We are reviewing traditional aviation fuel supply models by applying our unique approach:

We focus on our core business and offer fuelling related services only.

This is a conscious choice, in order to maximize our competencies and deliver the very best results for our clients and partners. Aviation fuelling requires the necessary domain expertise and the highest level of focus to provide safe, cost-efficient, reliable and future-proof solutions.


We have a deep knowledge and expertise in all fields of aviation fuelling. This ranges from into-plane (operations and fleet), fuel storage and engineering and operations (engineering, construction, maintenance, operations, quality control, etc) to the finance, funding, excise and legal aspects. 


Our projects are based on agile & solid funding strategies.

Rather than being limited to the investment strategy and priorities of one large shareholder, we work with a pool of investors who have specific investment profiles. The selection of investors for our capital-intensive projects is based on an asset-right strategy. This implies that we select investors for specific investments projects in certain geographical areas. This also addresses the need of investors who typically prefer to commit funds into certain geographical areas they are familiar with and are looking for projects with the right risk-reward balance and a specific investment horizon. By avoiding short ownership cycles, our strategy guarantees stable investment solutions for our projects and stability for our customers.


As our Holding is privately owned, we are truly independent from oil suppliers. We guarantee no ownership link with any oil company nor any portfolio company group that holds shares in oil companies.


We work towards innovative and future-proof solutions. Our goal is to help our customers by developing existing products and business lines as well as implementing new technologies, developing new business lines and by using new and hybrid ways to combine both existing and new business lines.


Active involvement in various parts of the aviation fuel supply chain.

The involvement in various parts of the aviation fuel supply chain ensures a holistic approach. We deploy our deep industry knowledge and specific insights to further reinforce our business lines and make our services more convergent.

How we work


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